Lesson 4: Inserting Multiple rooms into your game. In this lesson we see how easy it is to add rooms and stitch them together.

Add some rooms to the game

The first step of making a video game with FPS Creator is to make a room for the player to walk around in. This is easily done with the prefab tools!

The image above shows the workspace and the column at the very left is the library where you can find all of the various objects for insertion. The arrow shows the icon for adding a prefab. (If you don't see this icon press the tab at the bottom of the library column marked "prefabs". Left click that icon and a whole page full of prefabricated items will come up. Select a prefab by double clicking it. I have selected the Control Room Small. Now just roll your cursor over to the grid and place the room down by single clicking.

First roomThe room has been placed. Note a couple of things. The door is green and the arrow points right at the door. When you are placing a room and you want the door to be a certain way just hover the mouse before clicking and press the "R" button. This will rotate the orientation of the room. When the door is facing the way you want it just click the mouse.

Also note that the room is 3 dimensional which makes this a little tricky to see correctly. The floor plan of this room is the boldest 9 white squares. It's important when placing the next room because you have to line them right up.

Two Rooms

This image shows two room correctly in place. The floor squares line up and there is a door between them. Piece of cake. Now lets have some fun and add more rooms. You do some free experimenting here and add a few more rooms. Make sure to line them up and orient the doors correctly.







Five rooms in the game

I have created five rooms shown in this picture. Notice how there is a door allowing access to each room. This way your game character will be able to run through each door and enter all the rooms.


Okay, thats our first lesson in creating rooms and it was pretty easy. Now lets add some extra little items to the game.


Continue on with the FPS Creator lesson on how to add entities




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